About Us

About Us

Crown Administrators, Inc. is a multi-faceted values-driven administrative services and technology solutions leader in the healthcare sector.

Our vision is to radically improve the way people interact with the healthcare system. We know that the current healthcare system is broken. It’s expensive, fragmented and confusing to navigate. By delivering a customer experience that leads to sustainability and growth, we aim to bring a cohesive, affordable, and coordinated approach to our clients’ healthcare journey.

At Crown, every team member is “A Hero In Action” because we embrace and demonstrate our core values in our interactions with each other and those we serve. These values form the guardrails for our decision making and our approach to problem solving.

Be Authentic: Be true and honest 

Be Helpful: Pitch in and help

Be Innovative: Seek & embrace innovation 

Be Accountable: Do what you say you are going to