Faith-based Health Shares

Discover health shares administered by Crown Administrators, where member contributions help share in your medical care. A health share is NOT insurance; it is a Healthcare Sharing Ministry.

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We’re unlike any administrative company you’ve ever met. We’re friendly, focused, and fantastic at solving your problems. Clients with customized products and organizations of any size now have an option in any state or US territory.

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"I love offering health shares to my clients. I am confident that my client is becoming a member with a trustworthy organization that will take good care of them. I know this as a member myself and from other client's experiences. Overall Crown has been a joy to work with as an IMR.” —Sal

“Crown's health share's value proposition is one that often can’t be matched. I appreciate that they offer long term solutions. And that clients don’t need to re-qualify every six months. Crown's health share works with a top network of doctors and hospitals. The organization has been around for over 20 years and offers memberships in all 50 states.” —Stuart


Calls answered within 2 minutes


Medical needs processed in under 30 days


Billing Accuracy


Average Medical Need Discount


Medical needs processed


Find out all the ways Crown Administrators can help you save money on your medical needs.

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Medical Needs Eligibility Determination
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Work for Us

We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated individuals who want to be part of an exciting, dynamic company that’s working to improve the greater good.

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