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Freedom Negotiators

Outlandish medical bills giving your clients headaches?
That’s where Freedom Negotiators steps in to help!
With over 20 years of experience, our negotiators average a 65% reduction in medical bill costs for our clients, and often achieve a full reduction of the balance. With our risk free guarantee, we only get paid when we are successful. Trust us to get your clients the very best financial outcome on their medical bills.


Crown Administrators

A next-generation third-party service provider utilizing industry-leading technology, including claims adjudication in Salesforce’s cloud-based platform. The best systems coupled with the best people equals the best outcome for your clients! Customizable white-label or direct contract service options to solve your needs. Ask us how!


American Provider Community

In the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare, the American Provider Community is a high-performance network designed around our clients’ needs and utilization, which allows us to quickly address gaps in our clients’ networks. We are committed to pay a fair rate in a timely manner, with average rates below 110% of Medicare. Our unique and hassle-free contracting process has allowed us to build a network spanning all 50 states and 4 territories.