We are radically improving the way people interact with the healthcare system.

Health Care Sharing

Health Care Sharing leverages the concept of Community.  Health Care Sharing Community members are united by a shared belief in a defined set of principles or statements and a commitment to support each other, sharing each other’s medical needs. Members make monthly contributions which go towards helping other members with their medical expenses.  And because members share the commitment to help steward the Community funds for each other, monthly contributions are often lower.  Health Care Sharing is not insurance.  It is people helping people.   Crown works with both Channel Partners and individuals and offers multiple Health Care Sharing programs.


Cost Containment

 The cost of medical care continues to increase.  Combine that with lack of transparency and costs can quickly get out of control. Crown helps lower the cost of care by negotiating with providers to arrive at reasonable rates for both them and the patient.  We also help patients find affordable and friendly providers.  Our team has over 25 years of experience helping navigate the healthcare system.  On average, we obtain 68% discounts on billed charges and help providers get payments within 30 days of billing.  Whether you are a member of a Health Care Sharing program, a provider looking to streamline your revenue cycle, or an organization looking to help manage the costs of your self-funded plan, we can help.


Operational Management Services

Crown’s operational teams use smart technology and configurable platforms to deliver a customer experience that leads to sustainability and growth. With a CSAT score right at 90%, Crown delivers on operational excellence. We offer enrollment processing, eligibility verification, billing, customer support, and claims processing. Our technology platform enables us to implement new products and changes smoothly and seamlessly ensuring the customer experience is up to date, with no disruption in service. We serve Health Care Sharing Ministries as well as TPAs looking for cost-effective solutions to scale their operations.